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Old Penang Old PFS Old Farts '66

Greetings from Down Under - Godzone in New Zealand.

This site could be useful to intending immigrant to New Zealand.



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Jacca45b.jpg (32712 bytes) Life in Auckland

Wife's BDay 

275MELCupLloydP2.JPG (108669 bytes) Melanie

DBoat68DadSon.jpg (47111 bytes) Dream Boat 

628SIDEbosley.jpg (32107 bytes)  PetPuppy

727Floor.jpg (10921 bytes) Install floor

519TEACHSch.jpg (68322 bytes) Teach Computering



Old PFS fotos


sxiGreen.jpg (46101 bytes)

SXI reuinon 21/12/02




Contract Garden Work


MARAI.jpg (6595 bytes) Kia-ora HOME





Pictures of long , long time ago

Some pictures contributed by Jimmy Choo Nan Tsun

To old mates visiting this site - if U have any old fotos, scan them & email to me.  I'll incorporate them in this page. Much appreciated. Or if sufficient fotos. I'll create a web page for old students of class 66 & 68

GROUP angsana tree

Taken under the Angsana tree. I m always envious of Soo Chong's hair style.

form teacher

With our form teacher

Biology teacher

Biology Teacher

Hooi Yow  Hooi-eow



class room  Class room Form 5


98VBall.jpg (44802 bytes) Volley Ball
Penang Free School

 Our old Secondary school where we were moulded



Hutching School ( now a museum) precursor to PFS.



101TablePICNIC.jpg (56600 bytes) Form 4 class camp.
100KhutuSign.jpg (34131 bytes)  Khutu giving me a rude sign 103volleyballCEang.jpg (56015 bytes)  Volley Ball 104swimsuit5some.jpg (54683 bytes)
105swim.jpg (58021 bytes) 106fivedip.jpg (57914 bytes) Reminds me of a scene from       Constable's painting 110splash.jpg (46697 bytes)
75CoolCK.jpg (55913 bytes) 84WeeLee.jpg (36614 bytes) 85ENTICE.jpg (57442 bytes)
Leng Fook-leng 87 volley 88Hong-guan "paruting" coconut


89 90 91
92 Kim-seong 94   
94ch 96

Fighter pilots


Swim time


Chong-eang Ewe-beng
   Shukor Hwang Theng-ghee

Our late friend, Yap Leong-aun


Chew Beow-soon

Lee Soo-chong Eng-eam with Beow-soon
74-stepsBeow-soon + Soo-chong


Beh STBeh Seng-tatt Siew-chinSiew-chin



Wee-lee @ Hooi-eow's farewell.

after a dip

Cool cat , Satar

  Roti chanai - with our late Prakash   Morning roti chania + curry   Kin-onn

In as pensive mood.

Comment sa va, je suit Eng-eam

Micky Bond, CK

Chai-kim @ Kebun Bunga pool

Siew-chin @ BatuFerr.

Fancy that Fook-leng. How could u ? No sympathy. Can't b removed. Ha Ha.

Thomas Cup 1966 PFS Dragon Boat             Race
  Tan Boon-lin SXI   Prefects @ SXI


   Khutu + Bashir


  TeongKeng At Coronation Camp   Wet clothes fashioned a table
Tak Boleh an eco-larder Fook-leng Motobike
on my HondaCub Decamp
Clues for Treasure Hunt Coro camp meet Just woken up
Scout uniform Commissioner-Scouts Scout leader inspects
Wet camp Wet tent Eco-Kitch table
1964 - Hiking to Muka Head Hill Jungle Map of our hike
with "Ketam" Hin Teong-keng tyre repair Hurry up - tyre repair
Trio Soon-leng pump tire(d) ? Reading map
Hin reading map Cool three musketeers Smart trio
  Muka Head light house


  Caretaker's house


a well earned rest

Scout group foto -1963.

Contributed by Boey Tuck-kong


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