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Life in Auckland

Greetings from Down Under - Godzone in New Zealand.

This site could be useful to intending immigrant to New Zealand.



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Jacca45b.jpg (32712 bytes) Life in Auckland

Wife's BDay 

275MELCupLloydP2.JPG (108669 bytes) Melanie

DBoat68DadSon.jpg (47111 bytes) Dream Boat 

628SIDEbosley.jpg (32107 bytes)  PetPuppy

727Floor.jpg (10921 bytes) Install floor

519TEACHSch.jpg (68322 bytes) Teach Computering

pfs.jpg (87504 bytes) Old PFS fotos



sxiGreen.jpg (46101 bytes)

SXI reuinon 21/12/02


MARAI.jpg (6595 bytes) Kia-ora HOME






653BASKAmcup.jpg (89441 bytes)

Basker & his guitar

650TELECOMAmcup.jpg (78624 bytes)

Telecom Display Shed

651ICREAMAmcup.jpg (66874 bytes)

Selling Ice Cream (America Cup Village)

652SUNAmcup.jpg (62315 bytes)

Eating Ice Cream& Sunning (contradiction)

Jacca45b.jpg (32712 bytes)

Jaccaranda tree in Avondale Industrial site - contrast in colours & texture.

753woKitch.jpg (37080 bytes) My turn to cook - Italian lasagne by a Chinese cook 743STARTfloor.jpg (36923 bytes) Helping a Singapore friend lay his laminate wooden floor 741SMOKOfloor.jpg (28804 bytes) Time for workers' smoko 113WBlast.jpg (76392 bytes)

Water blasting the roof.

60bbq.jpg (76027 bytes) Sanding a BBQ table ready for painting
220gunPergola.jpg (74541 bytes)Wife set me a task on installing a PVC roof on pergola  301purlinPergola.jpg (46425 bytes)

Nails in mouth - working furiously

391Dec2.jpg (88756 bytes)Helping a HKongi friend,SammyHo tile his kitchen wall 396Dec2.jpg (34868 bytes)Finishing touches- grouting & listello edging  

Link to dance Class

Link- work Social Club


People here tend to fix things themselves.  I suppose due to the pioneering spirit or the Kiwi do it yourself attitude plus the high cost of labour.  DIY ( Do It Yourself) hobbies are quite popular.  So I too join in & enjoy banging with a hammer or drilling with a electric chuck, like laying the wooden laminate floor, water blasting the roof of our house & painting the Bar-B-Q table.

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