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Greetings from Down Under - Godzone in New Zealand.

This site could be useful to intending immigrant to New Zealand.



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Jacca45b.jpg (32712 bytes) Life in Auckland

Wife's BDay 

275MELCupLloydP2.JPG (108669 bytes) Melanie

DBoat68DadSon.jpg (47111 bytes) Dream Boat 

628SIDEbosley.jpg (32107 bytes)  PetPuppy

727Floor.jpg (10921 bytes) Install floor

519TEACHSch.jpg (68322 bytes) Teach Computering

pfs.jpg (87504 bytes) Old PFS fotos


SXI reunion



My Garden



Contract Gardening work


MARAI.jpg (6595 bytes) Kia-ora HOME






432CIRCLERegentP.jpg (45216 bytes)


RumpDSCN0899_81.jpg (74076 bytes) 562WUformweb.jpg (70973 bytes) 314Richsch.jpg (65914 bytes)
453SEATCircus.jpg (39581 bytes)

First time to a circus with Jun, daughter of  Singapore. friend

458CUPCircus.jpg (83413 bytes) 464CUPCircus.jpg (112900 bytes) 472SKIPCircus.jpg (288261 bytes) 412SPRINGMelStk.jpg (47978 bytes)
414stockMelStk.jpg (45996 bytes)

Preening herself

418SEPMelStk.jpg (53350 bytes)

On top of Stockade Hill not far from our house


318LEAVEsch.jpg (66759 bytes)

The primary sch is located on a hill with a fantastic view - what a waste of prime real estate

50MELANIMelRace.jpg (84089 bytes)

There she goes.

54MELANIMelRace.jpg (55844 bytes)

School race

601JUNWPlast.jpg (34427 bytes)

with her Singapore friend,Jun

812FAIRYsamBDay.jpg (50068 bytes)

At her best friend's Bday party

XmasNEIGHB50.jpg (51586 bytes)

With neighbourhood kids

Melasleep286Apr.jpg (40557 bytes)

Asleep by big bro.

144cuddleFschool.jpg (41637 bytes)

Big brother a reluctant kisser

790BOSocthm.jpg (24409 bytes)

Fairy with a bewildered Bosley

811VERANDAnna.jpg (64369 bytes) With Anna her classmate on the verandah 813PCAnna.jpg (35964 bytes) Computer literate

16Noodles.jpg (74912 bytes)    My Chinese daugther can't use chopstick

23DolHm.jpg (108268 bytes)  @ doll house exhib. Note young madame with her handbag

293matisse.jpg (67581 bytes)

Bosley looking on

294matisse.jpg (79142 bytes)

Bold Matisse colours

13PIANBReb.jpg (247394 bytes)

Piano duo with Rebecca

Here she is now all grown up with Dad - & taller. 

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