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Pet Puppy

Greetings from Down Under - Godzone in New Zealand.

This site could be useful to intending immigrant to New Zealand.



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Jacca45b.jpg (32712 bytes) Life in Auckland

Wife's BDay 

275MELCupLloydP2.JPG (108669 bytes) Melanie

DBoat68DadSon.jpg (47111 bytes) Dream Boat 

628SIDEbosley.jpg (32107 bytes)  PetPuppy

727Floor.jpg (10921 bytes) Install floor

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Old PFS fotos


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SXI reuinon 21/12/02




Contract Garden Work


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We picked up our puppy, Bosley jnr. from a breeder when he was about 8wks.old.  The father is black & the bitch is a golden Cocker. He is a boisterous little fella- likes to chew.  Even had a go at my palm top computer.  I manage to pry it off his jaws ; otherwise he would had ended up in the pot. 

628SIDEbosley.jpg (32107 bytes)

Pup Cocker Spaniel, Bosley (41299 bytes)

Daddy Bosley

552AmyBuffPuppy.jpg (42747 bytes)

& the bitch, Amy (which one?)


551BuffPuppy.jpg (33643 bytes)


629BUCKETbosley.jpg (24550 bytes)

First day home 4/5/02

646TIREDbosley.jpg (86590 bytes) 641MUMbosley.jpg (38274 bytes) Getting all smug with my wife,Catherine
946DADBos.jpg (85719 bytes)

"Sit" bloody dog

947BENCHBos.jpg (92592 bytes) 948BENCHBos.jpg (71875 bytes) 949BENCHBos.jpg (74867 bytes)

Smile- say "bone"

BosWET.jpg (70767 bytes)

A very wet Bosley,"coaxed" into the sea 

Bella, our bichon friese puppy  Both tired out - Mel & Bella   Bella's parents Cute arrival (1/1/10)
with Catherine Day 1 (1/1/10) Introduce her to older Bosley  trying to be pally with older dog Even the cat accepted her In bed
#194 Wet dogs Hair trimmed   7mths
Bosley dying 1 yr 3 mth   5.5 yrs old 6 old
A happy dog - 6 old

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